Providing art education in pottery wheel, sculpting, and painting classes for children, youth, autistic, and special needs in the inner-city and underserved communities.

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Our purpose

Maital Healing Arts Foundation’s main purpose is to provide pottery wheel, sculpting and painting classes for children, youth, autistic and special needs in inner city schools and underserved communities.

Due to financial restraints and budget cuts, many schools are currently unable to afford art programs. Studies have shown that access to art in school can aid development, problem solving, and creative thinking. These art programs are very healing, relaxing, and therapeutic.

Our work

Provide access to art education

Studies have shown that access to art in schools aid development, cognitive, social and behavioral outcomes, problem solving, and creative thinking. Mental health affects everything in daily life and art education plays a crucial role in child development.

Support underserved communities

Our beneficiaries include children, youth, autistic and special needs from inner city schools and underserved communities that don’t have access to art programs in their communities.

Offer team building experience

Children and youth require this artistic outlet as a crucial aid in development, communication skills, and self-expression. Creating together & building together in turn creates a beautiful bonding experience.

Fund pottery classes

We have funded several classes for our beneficiaries with sales of donated ceramic pieces and two generous donations so far, however we need your help to continue this dream and share the powerful, magical effects of this ancient form of art.

With your help, we are bringing art to underserved communities in Los Angeles.

Discover how creative expression reduces the physical and emotional burden associated with various types of health conditions and life circumstances. 

our art programs in action

Healing through art

Unknowingly, creating with your hands, touching the earth, starting with a ball of clay and forming it into something that you created with your own hands instantly induces happiness, confidence, and a great sense of accomplishment.

Not only is it a great accomplishment, It’s a product you can use to eat or drink from which acts as daily reminder of your accomplishment and in turn makes you happy. It also brings together the community by sharing ideas, encouraging each other, building and creating together to make beautiful creations.  

Charity Sale

Every Sunday of the month, you can find our charity booth in front of Melrose Trading Post, LA.

Contribute by shopping from our pottery charity shop

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